Waterwise Wednesday: Spring Fever

Photo © Publicdomainphotos

Spring is just around the corner. Learn to mimic nature in this year’s landscape to capture, treat and reuse stormwater which also conserves, preserves and protects our water and water quality.

– Plant native and/or drought-tolerant grasses, ground covers, shrubs and trees that won’t need as much watering once established. Group plants together based on similar water needs.

– Explore alternatives to a lawn-based yard. Consider adding a bioswale or rain garden to capture and infiltrate runoff.

– Disconnect down spouts and direct roof runoff to gardens and lawns instead, putting runoff to good use.

– Convert paved areas to more permeable surfaces to promote infiltration and groundwater recharge.

– Use compost or weed-free mulch on your garden to hold soil moisture and help keep soil from washing away.