Trickle Down Thursday: Sprinkler Systems

This little trick can save you $$$!

Have an in-ground sprinkler system? Are you overwatering? To find out, grab an empty tin can (like this tuna can) and set it in your lawn. Let your system run for about 15 minutes and then measure the amount of water collected in the can. 1 inch of water each week is adequate for an established lawn during a dry spell. Call your lawn care professional or click here to learn more:

Trickle Down Thursday: Rain Barrels

Installing rain barrels under your downspouts gives you access to free water. You can save money anywhere you use water (lawn, garden, even fill toilets and sinks) by utilizing this free resource. Pre-made barrels are available for purchase in a variety of styles or the handy homeowner can be build and install barrels over the weekend. To find out more, check out Omaha Stormwater’s “Building a Rain Barrel” pamphlet:

Waterwise Wednesday: Water Sense Savings

How much water could you save by switching to Water Sense labeled faucets, toilets, shower heads, sprinkler heads or irrigation controllers?

Water Sense labeled products and services are certified to use at least 20 percent less water, save energy, and perform as well as or better than regular models. Saving you water and money.