Greening Up The Urban Environment- Part I

The following is Part I of a three part series focusing on the City of Scottsbluff’s 319 grant projects.  These projects are designed to reduce impervious cover in parking lots, filtering and infiltrating stormwater runoff.

Reduced impervious surface
The addition of landscaping reduces the amount of impervious surface in the parking lot, helping to infiltrate stormwater runoff. Trees will eventually shade and cool the lot.

In 2014, the City of Scottsbluff was awarded $40,000 through the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality’s 319 grant program.  The purpose of the grant was to allow the City to install demonstration projects that would promote better stormwater management throughout the City.  Through this project, the City was able to remove over 9,600 square feet of concrete throughout several parking lots and replace it with landscaping.  In addition, some of the remaining concrete in the parking lots were sloped so as to allow runoff from the concrete to be captured by the landscaped areas. Continue reading Greening Up The Urban Environment- Part I