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What’s new

EPA Issues a Direct Final Rule Revising NTU Limits for Construction and Development Effluent Guidelines

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a direct final rule removing the numeric limitation of 280 NTU (numeric turbidity limits) from the new Construction and Development Effluent Limitation Guidelines (ELGs). EPA made the changes after petitions from the housing industry and others demonstrated that the agency “improperly interpreted the data and, as a result, the calculations in the existing administrative record are no longer adequate to support the 280 NTU numeric limit.” The remaining provisions of the ELG rule remain in effect and will require best management practices relating to erosion and sediment control, soil stabilization, dewatering, pollution prevention and prohibited discharges. All NPDES delegated states must incorporate the non-numeric sections of the ELG the next time they issue a new construction general permit. Non-delegated states will be covered by the ELG requirements when EPA reauthorizes its construction general permit in July 2011. Visit http://water.epa.gov/scitech/wastetech/guide/construction/index.cfm for additional information on the stay in the 280 NTU limits.

Billboard Campaign

Kearney and Grand Island has started a new campaign to promote keeping water clean. Grand Island has put together a series of billboards to promote in their town, and Kearney has displayed their image on both billboards and their street sweepers.

Water Education For Tomorrow

Scottsbluff held a Water Education for Tomorrow (WET) Festival in October 2010. They had 290 Fifth graders over two days. The group showed the Enviroscape presentation, played Stormwater Jeopardy, learned how to clean up oil spills, and built rain barrels. Here are a few photos from the festival.

Norfolk Daily News Blog

Take a look at the Norfolk News Bog has to say about the Stormwater Plan.

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