Trickle Down Thursday: Sprinkler Systems

This little trick can save you $$$!

Have an in-ground sprinkler system? Are you overwatering? To find out, grab an empty tin can (like this tuna can) and set it in your lawn. Let your system run for about 15 minutes and then measure the amount of water collected in the can. 1 inch of water each week is adequate for an established lawn during a dry spell. Call your lawn care professional or click here to learn more:

Trickle Down Thursday: Sprinkler System Smarts

In-ground sprinkler systems can be helpful and also very expensive. In just 2 months, a typical system can put out more than 47,070 gallons of water! If that water is directed toward pavement, leaking out of a broken pipe, or sitting on top of your saturated lawn, you are wasting money. Remember to check your controller settings at least twice during the watering season and watch for signs of leaks. Your wallet will thank you!

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Trickle Down Thursday: Sprinkler System Smarts

In-ground sprinkler systems can save time and be helpful. They can also be very expensive. Reduce your costs by watering wisely:

  • avoid over watering
  • adjust your sprinklers so you aren’t watering the house or the sidewalk
  • water in the early hours of the morning for the greatest benefit
  • shorten the water run-time to allow for better absorption
  • repair any leaks, clogged heads, or stuck solenoids

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Waterwise Wednesday: Fall Water Check

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Use this week’s warmer weather for a Fall water check.

1. Find and fix leaks in sprinkler systems, broken heads and exterior walls (look for water damage to outer walls). Tiny openings may have allowed below freezing temperatures to freeze a pipe last week.

2. Insulate water pipes in unheated areas by wrapping with heat-tape and insulation tubes. This will allow hot water to reach your taps faster and save energy on water heating.

3. Locate your property shut-off valve. The faster you can turn off the water during a major leak, the less property damage and less water wasted.



Waterwise Wednesday: Freeze Prep

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Time to put away the watering tools, the season’s first hard freeze is predicted for late this week.

– Winterize sprinkler systems by expelling all the water from the irrigation system and equipment, then blow out with pressurized air.

– Empty any remaining water and clean any residue from rain barrels or other water capture devices.

– Disconnect hoses from outdoor spigots and store them inside. Shut off water to outdoor spigots if possible.

– Clear gutters of leaves and debris to avoid trapping rain and snow melt that may freeze and pull the gutters away from the house.