Trickle Down Thursday: Landscape Solutions

Rain water can be a real bear. Consider upgrading your landscaping to reduce some of your headaches.

  • Plant trees to soak up water
  • Collect the water from your downspouts into rain barrels for use when it is dry
  • Add a drain to the low spot in your paved driveway
  • Replace impervious surfaces with pavers or rock

Learn more about permeable pavers and watch a video here:

Trickle Down Thursday: Rain Barrels

Installing rain barrels under your downspouts gives you access to free water. You can save money anywhere you use water (lawn, garden, even fill toilets and sinks) by utilizing this free resource. Pre-made barrels are available for purchase in a variety of styles or the handy homeowner can be build and install barrels over the weekend. To find out more, check out Omaha Stormwater’s “Building a Rain Barrel” pamphlet: