Got Batteries?

This holiday season you may find yourself purchasing more batteries, but what happened to the old ones? Remember that old batteries do not belong in the trash. They are built out of chemicals found in heavy metals; at a landfill, these chemicals can soak in and contaminate our water supply. Please take the time to dispose of them properly! Contact Interstate Battery or Best Buy for proper disposal.

What do I do with my unused medication?

Your medicine is for you- what is safe for you might not be for someone else. The BEST way to dispose of old, expired, unused or unwanted medications is a drug take-back program. Contact your pharmacy for details. If you would rather just throw them in the trash, follow these steps:

  • remove them from their original packaging
  • mix them with something unappealing like dirt, coffee grounds, or cat litter
  • place the mixture in a closable container so it doesn’t leak out
  • place the package in your trash can

The LAST thing to do with your medications is flush them. They move straight through the wastewater treatment plant and flow out into our waterways. Once in our waterways, they can infiltrate the groundwater and get into our drinking water supply.

Visit our Clean Community System or the FDA for more information.

Waterwise Wednesday: Not Treatable

Water treatment processes makes water clean again, but some things cannot be treated or removed once they’re in the water system. Please don’t pour down a drain or flush the following:

– Pills, medications or drugs. Unused medications or drugs can be deposited in the drop boxes at either the Gering or Scottsbluff police stations. Walgreens and USave Pharmacy have drug take-back programs.

– Household chemicals or cleaning agents. Unused agents should disposed of as hazardous waste at local take-back event.

– Use the minimum amount of detergent and/or bleach when you are washing clothes or dishes. Use only phosphate free soaps and detergents.

– Minimize the use of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers which can easily carried in water runoff.

– Motor oil or other automotive fluids. Used oil can be taken to the Gering Landfill.

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