Untreated Pool Water IS Pollution

As you go about the work of winterizing your pool, remember that the chemicals you use to treat that water are bad for fish and wildlife. If you empty your pool into the storm system without treating the water first, you are polluting the waterways. Before you drain your pool, dechlorinate and neutralize pH, then discharge the water slowly to an area where the water can soak in.

Waterwise Wednesday: Water Safety Tips

Swimmers are bobbing at the pools and lakes. Remember a few tips to stay safe and enjoy the water all summer.

– Always swim with a buddy. Don’t assume that lifeguards can see everything, they’re watching several people at once. Children should always be under active supervision.

– Explore cautiously and make sure you’re comfortable with the body of water you’re swimming in. Rivers and lakes can have undertows. Never dive into an unfamiliar area.

– Remember, more strength is needed to swim in a current. 
If you get caught in a current, don’t panic or try to fight it. Float with it, or swim parallel to the shore.

Photo © Gbphotostock