Rain Barrels

What are they?

A rain barrel is any above ground container modified to receive, store, and distribute rooftop runoff for non-drinking uses. The typical size of a rain barrel is 55 gallons. The main components of a rain barrel are a connection to the downspout, a filter to prevent mosquitoes from entering, a faucet to allow for regulated usage, and an overflow pipe to divert the excess water. Continue reading Rain Barrels

For the Kids – Little Fish in a Big Pond

How you can be a part of keeping our waters clean – and our world healthy

We want everyone in Nebraska – big and small – to help keep our waters clean, our fish healthy and our environment safe. You can do your part by learning which materials should never be put down a storm drain. That way, you can remind others that whatever we put down that drain will end up in our rivers and lakes. Continue reading For the Kids – Little Fish in a Big Pond