Protect your Rain Barrel

Protect your investment; winterize your rain barrels. Start by draining the water before freezing temperatures arrive. Disconnect all hoses (and get the ones attached to your house while you’re out.) Disconnect the barrel from your downspout- seal up the connection with a stopper and re-direct the downspout away from the foundation of your house. Clean any debris from the filter and the barrel. Finally, store your barrel upside-down to prevent snowmelt from accumulating inside.

Here is a quick video demonstration.

America Recycles Day

America Recycles Day is a day to educate and encourage individuals to be more mindful of what they consume. They want us to know where and how to properly recycle and to commit to recycle more often. Contact our Clean Community System to participate and Visit Keep America Beautiful to participate.

Don’t Just “Throw it in the Trash”

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) is any substance containing ingredients that could negatively affect your safety, health or the environment. Alerting words found on hazardous products include:

  • poison
  • danger
  • warning
  • caution
  • toxic
  • flammable
  • corrosive
  • explosive
  • irritant

They can be found on a wide range of products in and around the home, including:

  • furniture polish
  • bleach
  • antifreeze
  • insecticides
  • paint
  • mothballs
  • many more
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Another hazardous property you may see on a label is reactive. This means the product contains chemicals that, if combined with certain other substances, could result in hazardous reactions such as gaseous emissions or explosions.

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