Sump Pumps: What’s all the fuss about?

Sump pumps are commonly used to keep groundwater out of our basements. Does your property have a sump pump? Have you looked at it? Make sure you know where the water comes from (groundwater or grey water?) and where it goes. If your pump is putting groundwater into the main sanitary line, you’re gambling with fate. Putting extra water into an already full sewer pipe will create a sewer backup in your house. Roto-Rooter explains more.

Clean water can be discharged onto your property in an area where it will soak back in (garden, lawn, etc) or underground into the nearest storm drain. The City’s discharge policy details our preferred discharge locations; please note that we do not allow the curb to be cut to allow discharge into the gutter (this weakens the concrete and increases street repair costs) nor pipes to be laid across the sidewalk (creates obstacles for pedestrians).

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