Waterwise Wednesday: Winter Walking with Pets

Please remember to pick up pet waste during winter outings. Pet waste caught in snowmelt contains nutrients and bacteria that can threaten human and animal health.

The North Platte River is not rated for recreational use because of e. coli., the bacteria present in fecal waste. The waste affects in a few ways:

– Nutrients in pet waste encourage excess weed and algae growth after the thaw.

– As both waste and algae decay they use up oxygen in the water which can kill fish and other aquatic life.

– The bacteria can also carry Salmonellosis, Toxocariasis (roundworms), or Toxoplasmosis which can spread illness to people.

Please carry disposable bags while walking your dog to pick up and dispose of waste properly in a trash can, wrapping it carefully to avoid spillage during collection.

Photo © creativecommonsstockphotos

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