Waterwise Wednesday: Travel Tips

Water conservation doesn’t have to leave town when you do. Try these water savvy travel tips to encourage conservation wherever you go.

1. Close taps before leaving on holiday – including the automatic ice maker on the fridge. If possible, shut off the supply at the water main to prevent any water wastage.

2. Pack a re-usable water bottle. Empty it before going through airport security, then keep it filled for traveling, touring, the hotel, etc.

3. Keep your showers short and refrain from filling the bath tub.

4. Use the half flush button – many hotels and public areas are switching dual flush toilets. Using about a gallon to flush urine, about 1.6 gallons to flush feces.

5. Don’t let the water run. Turn off the water while soaping up and brushing teeth.

6. Reuse your towels. Hotels encourage their guests to reuse towels during their stay. A typical 300-room hotel can reduce its water usage by 51,840 gallons and detergent usage by 346 gallons yearly with a towel and linen reuse program, according to the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA).

7. Speak up. If you’re visiting somewhere and notice a leaky toilet or a dripping tap, mention it to your host or hotel reception. We’re all in this together!

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