Where to Buy Rain Barrels

We’ve assembled this list of retailers that specialize in rain barrels.

Aaron’s Rain Barrels www.ne-design.net
Aquabarrel Rain Barrel www.aquabarrel.com
Arid Solutions www.aridsolutionsinc.com
Composters.com www.composters.com
Cypress Designs www.cypressdesigns.com
Eagle Peak Containers, Inc www.epcontainers.net
Garden Water Saver www.gardenwatersaver.com
Gardeners Supply Company www.gardeners.com
The Green Culture www.watersavers.com
Hastings Equity Grain www.hastingstank.com
Natural Rain Water www.naturalrainwater.com
Oasis Design www.oasisdesign.net
Rain Ready www.rainbarrelsconserve.com
Rainsaver Systems www.rainsaverusa.com
Real Goods www.realgoods.com

If you are interested in a free used food-grade plastic barrel please contact stormwater@cityofhastings.org or your local Stormwater representative.


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