What You Can Do to Help

Easy tips for keeping our water clean

  • Litter
    Litter disposed of in a storm drain can choke, suffocate and disable aquatic life. Dispose of your litter by throwing it in a trash can or recycling it. In addition, do your part by properly disposing of litter you find in the street or on the sidewalk.
  • Washing your car
    Washing your car in the driveway creates a runoff of soap and other chemicals that ends up in the nearest storm drain. You can either take your car to a self-service car wash, which is designed with special drains for proper disposal, or wash your car on your lawn. The dirt below will act as a filter for the soap.
  • Pet waste
    Pet waste dumped in storm drains goes straight into your rivers and lakes, contaminating the water. Even when you leave waste on your lawn, harmful bacteria can make its way into the drains, causing the same damage. It’s best to dispose of waste in the trash or, better yet, flush it down the toilet. This water will be properly treated.
  • Household chemicals
    Cleaning products and other household chemicals should never be dumped outside, down the sink or down a storm drain. Check below for the location of a facility that will dispose of them properly. 

  • Friendly Alternatives
    Change out your household chemical supplies with some Safe, Economical, Environmentally Friendly Alternatives.
  • Fertilizer and pesticide
    Do not dispose of excess fertilizer or pesticide on your lawn. You’ll need to take leftover substances to a designated waste control area. Contact the city for more information.

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