For the Kids – Little Fish in a Big Pond

How you can be a part of keeping our waters clean – and our world healthy

We want everyone in Nebraska – big and small – to help keep our waters clean, our fish healthy and our environment safe. You can do your part by learning which materials should never be put down a storm drain. That way, you can remind others that whatever we put down that drain will end up in our rivers and lakes.

A little help from Walter the Walleye

In this fun, interactive game, Walter Walleye, a friendly resident of Clearwater Lake, will help you identify common pollutants that can end up in our lakes, rivers and streams.

No One Knows Where It Goes…

Have some fun with Walter the Walleye’s coloring book!

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Stormwater Jeopardy

In this fun, interactive game of Jeopardy, you can quiz yourself and others on stormwater management.

Jeopardy Game

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